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Article Management System Slider in AMS possible?


New Member
Hi there,

we are thinking about using AMS to replace a Wordpress portal before the XF forums in our project.

So my question is, if we can place a slider at the top of the article management system?

Thanks for supporting us.

The term "slider" is very generic. There are literally 100's (probably over a 1000) of different types of "sliders" that JavaScript developers have released for jQuery alone, let alone other types of JS libraries.

With that said, AMS does make use of the Carousel JS that comes with XenForo. I use this as one of the display options for Featured Articles as well as a display option for a couple of the Widget Definitions that are included with AMS.


Example, this AMS global option allows you to choose either Carousel (default) or Grid for the display of Features Articles on AMS Home and Category Pages.

This is what it looks like (Standard XF carousel).


The other display option is Grid and this is what that looks like (its not a slider, just a Grid).

As mention, AMS also includes several Widget Definitions that allow you to create a bunch of different types of Widgets that can be placed in any Widget Position that is in the XF Widget System (which AMS includes several).

There is an Widget Position on AMS Index that would allow you to create a "Most Popular Articles" Widget, set the display type "Full: Carousel" and display that at the top of the AMS Index via the Widget Position: AMS index: Above articles.

That is what is available out of the box (which is all done via Core XF JS/LESS).
Another thing, Bob. How handles AMS SEO? You can leave tags. Wordpress SEO plugins like Yoast SEO or other can give the Google indexing some more information about the written article.

And last but not least, do you have a screenshoop of the backend of AMS?

Thanks for support!

How handles AMS SEO?
XenForo itself handles a majority of it. If you visit my XF2 demos site, you can view the source to see what kind of META DATA is included with an Article: Nano Tech take the world by storm

And last but not least, do you have a screenshoop of the backend of AMS?
Not readily available, but if you want to see something specific, start a conversation with me and I will take some screen shots :)