ams 2.1.3

  1. Bob

    Implemented AMS index page type (Standard or Modular)

    I've added a new option to AMS that lets you choose whether to use the Standard Index or use the new Modular Index (which you build by yourself via adding widgets). Its so simple, a caveman can do it! The new option is located in the General options (as shown below). Default is "Standard...
  2. Bob

    Updated Widget definition - AMS: Latest articles, 5 new options

    As per title, I've updated the Widget definition, "AMS: Latest articles" with 5 new options which allows you to create even more types of "ARTICLE" related widgets. SORT ORDER Previously, this widget definition only fetched articles by "last_update" hence "Latest articles. You can now...
  3. Bob

    Updated Widget definition - AMS: Latest reviews - cut off days

    I've updated the Widget definition - AMS: Latest reviews and added a "Cut off days" option, which is used instead of using the "Read Marking Data Lifetime" core XF option to control the cutoff date. Note: Leaving set to 0 bypasses the cut off days check.
  4. Bob

    Implemented AMS option - Latest reviews cut off days

    I've added a new AMS option that lets you set the cut off days for the "Latest reviews" page for AMS. Previously, this was using the Read Marking Data Lifetime option, however, I've had several requests to have its own option, so here it is. This option is for the "Latest reviews" page...
  5. Bob

    Implemented New Image gallery location - No gallery

    I've re-implemented the "No gallery" option (from AMS 1.x) as one of the options for the "Image gallery location".
  6. Bob

    Implemented Widget definition - AMS: Category navigation

    As per title, I've added a new Widget definition named "AMS: Category navigation". This allows you to create Categories Navigation Widgets (the same as the Categories Block that is used on AMS Index and Category pages sideNav). There are no AMS specific configuration options, just Widget...