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Not Planned [XF1] Support for [bd] Tag Me add-on

This suggestion has been closed. Votes are no longer accepted.
Being that I am looking into replacing comments with thread functionality, I doubt I will spend much time researching tagme into the comments. Marked as future consideration tho in case basic comments stay in favor of threads..
I would actually like to be able to tag people in the showcase items themselves, not just in the comments. I have a thought on the discussion thread thing too, but I'll post it in that thread..
I won't be doing that. If by chance I do integrate it down the road, Tag Me would only be in comments and the creator can create the item, then make a comment to "TAG" someone.
with user tagging now in core XF (starting with 1.2.0) I will most likely use the core XF user tagging functionality instead of a 3rd party addon.
I won't be integrating that particular Addon, however, I will be adding core xenforo user tagging to the editors for the tabs as well as comments.