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Not Planned [XF1] Retain the currently selected tab when editing

Stuart Wright

When viewing a tab on a showcase, if I click the edit link, I would like the editor to open editing that specific tab.
Similarly if I am editing a tab and I save it, I would want the showcase to be redisplayed with that tab open.
A user interface nicety which confused me a little when it didn't happen.
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I understand what you want and just so you know, its a completely different architecture (each Tab would be its own page). Right now, the Items Content Tabs and Image Gallery are in what is called a Tab Container (something that the RM does not have). You don't actually leave the page, you are just switching container views by hiding and unhiding divs on the already rendered page. The Reviews is its own PAGE (which has its own URL and is rendered each time you click on it (similar to the RM when you click on updates, reviews or version history as each one of those is a separate rendered page). When you edit the item, you are editing all content within that container (all the content tabs and the images). When you save that, you are redirected back to the showcase item (which displays Tab one during the initial render). If each tab were there own page, then it would redirect page to the specific tab (like it does when you edit a review).

This is what I've been wanting to do for awhile now, but I've have some early license holders that are against it because of the customization they do with putting multiple content bits into a single tab as well as adding several custom content tabs within the container based on custom fields data, so I am sure to receive some flack if I make the changes necessary to do this. I will just need to somehow find a happy medium as its something I want to do, but I also don't want to take away something that early supporters of the addon have been using either. If it wasn't for them, this addon wouldn't even been available, so I can't just blow them off (hope that makes sense).

Im sure I can come up with some tho that will work for both types of users (ones that want to customize and ones that want each tab to be its own content page).
How about having a separate branch for the early license holders? How many are there? Is it a lot? Either way, you have to decide your priorities appropriately. Personally, I would set aside other considerations and develop a popular app as much as I could in the best way possible