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Not Planned [XF1] Predefined Text


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Would it be possible to get the following function. When making showcases for lets say TV series you want to name the cast, producer, company etc etc its stuff that does not alter every time. Make a section where this information can be stored and edited and used by usergroup permission and included in a showcase story like using a syntax like {named_function} so that you only have to type a few characters instead of a whole story. Also a legend would be great because this can grow huge and people need to know what syntax is used for what story.
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If I understand you correctly you would like to have publicly available text templates with variables?
I run Vaultwiki on my site and my members make extensive use of such templates. In general one of my power user members will create a template after which members learn to use it. It can be a little daunting for some members, but in general it really speeds up article writing process. For example, we have a template with standard chapters, text. Its a basic framework. All a member has to do is add the template to the page, fill in the topic and some values and boom: 50% of the article is there. From there they just fill in the blanks and write away.
One thing that we do run into is articles which have partly empty templates because not the whole template is usable. Thats the main weakness. It would be nice to see a conditional for this.
Yes something like that.

If i want to start Showcasing TV series (what i plan to do for real) i get the following:

Actor1 Person1
Actor2 Person2
Actor3 Person3
Actor4 Person4

Recurring Roles:
Actor1 Person1
Actor2 Person2
Actor3 Person3
Actor4 Person4

Its all the same for every episode and this way i only need to type it once and use it many times.

Another Example would be (i have no clue about cars btw):

Car Manufacturer:

Fiesta ST
De Nieuwe Ford Focus
Nieuwe Focus ST
Focus Electric
C-MAX & Grand C-MAX
CMAX PlugIn Hybride
Nieuwe Mondeo
Nieuwe Ford Mustang
Tourneo Courier
Tourneo Connect
Tourneo Custom


When you have made something like this you save it like a name like in case of the car as "manufacturer_ford".

When you make an showcase item you can include it by typing for example {manufacturer_ford} because its a call to another page if the page gets an update the showcase item is updated as well so you only need to adjust one item.

Where you type your showcase story there should be a why to access the include names and select it if that's possible so you do not have to remember the include link like {manufacturer_ford} if you press the {manufacturer_ford} then an overlay should be shown so that you see what is in the {manufacturer_ford} file.

By allowing usergroups to access this resource for making this information resource it could be done on bases like a wiki so past edits are still there and who can do what lets say usergroup members may comment but not alter moderators may alter but not approve.
The best would be that AMS could proffit from this to so you could add information in AMS articles.