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Not Planned [XF1] Percentage Based Betting

CM PuLs3

New Member
I started a new league on my website that involves percentage based betting. When I say that, I mean something like this,

It's 10:00pm EST & this is the current betting outlook

2 Players
  • Bobby Lashley
  • King Mo
10 People Bet
  • 7 on Lashley
  • 3 on King Mo
Percentage Odds
  • 70% Lashley
  • 30% King Mo
Betting Odds
  • 43:100
  • 233:100
  • I usually have to make it into 100, because the system rounds up decimals so I can't do something like .43:1.

Okay, then it is the next day at 6:00pm EST & more people have voted.

2 Players
  • Bobby Lashley
  • King Mo
25 People Bet
  • 22 on Lashley
  • 3 on King Mo
Percentage Odds
  • 88% Lashley
  • 12% King Mo
Betting Odds
  • 14:100
  • 733:100

So basically, I need a dynamic voting system that changes as more people vote & more people vote on different players up until the time of the match.

A good example is this site. You can click on any of the matches on the right, and get more details.

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This suggestion has been closed. Votes are no longer accepted.
I really don't like discussing anything unless its Marked as "Implemented", "Partially Implemented" or "Under Development". I can say this, it has not been ruled out (which means that its still possible). I don't waste R&D time on things that I don't feel are feasible.