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Not Planned [XF1] Contest System?


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Not sure if this is a suggestion or more of a discussion / cry for help :)

Sportsbook is great but I sometimes wonder 'what's the point' after it has been running for over a year or so as many users get very successful and have loads of 'winnings'. Not really interested in setting up gimmicks for them to 'spend' earnings on like a pink user title :rolleyes:

So, my thinking is a system that you can run weekly/monthly/yearly contests with historical leaderboards and the like.

At the end of the contest period, all users are set back to $x to bet with but they can still see how much they have earned/bet/lost all-time. A leaderboard would be recorded for that time period as well.

Not too sure how out of the realm it would be to do something like this but that's why I'm putting it out there now :)
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I always do a full system reset before the beginning of the NFL season. Never have seen the point in saving YEARS worth of events. For us, its more about being able to turn $500 into ? using REALISTIC payout odds. Makes it much more fun (and way more challenging).
I too only use realistic odds but don't put a cap on how much you can wager... we have people now wagering $50K on a single outcome because they can :)

Everyone starts out with $1000 and if you blow it, you get $100 to start again.

The problem with a full system reset is that you have to make sure there are no open bets and have a bit of a no new bets period, plus dealing with the users in a hissy fit and swinging their purses because all their hard earned winnings are now gone. Yes, you know those users well :)

But that being said, it would be nice to have a top 10 list recorded even with your full system reset.

IDK, I'm a bit torn here... do I rip a Raiders fan for not implementing my suggestion like yesterday or do I bend over and say thanks for everything so far and come back when the Boys win SB50?

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