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[XF1] List of items in the parent categories


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Suppose I have a category hierarchy like this World>Asia>Japan

When I click into the Asia category, it will list all items created under both Asia and Japan. If someone happen to miss put a Japan item in Asia category, how can I monitor this kind of mistake. In the list view it will show category of each items, but it's still difficult to get through the long list.

Is it possible to get a list of only items in Asia -- not include those in its child categories.
Is it possible to get a list of only items in Asia -- not include those in its child categories.
It would require programming modification to the Categories Controller (as well as some View files as well). It would also require some modification to the new Categories Navigation System.
For members and readers the current setup is great. But for moderators I can see how it would be useful to see which articles are in a category without the articles from child categories. This would allow them to sort articles and bulk move those.

Maybe its an idea to add a 'articles from this category' filter option to 'filter articles' on category page.
Sorry for late reply, I just have time today to discuss further about this. Thanks bob for your reply. I think the users, in some case, also need to see what actually list in the parent category too. For example if we have a travel review sites and then we have World>Japan and then have many cities as child categories inside this Japan categories, when people click into the Japan category they should be able to find all the travel items that bound to Japan in general, e.g. Airlines that you can use to travel to Japan, JR Train System, Japanese Food and more. But with the current listing system these items will be mess up with other items that are specific to particular cities.

So, @Bob , I wonder will you consider this suggestion?

I don't have any specific solution yet, but just want to let the users to be able to easily sort out which items is in the parent categories in the first sight and let them click to show all other items in the sub categories.
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I wonder will you consider this suggestion?
This is a SUPPORT Thread, not a suggestion thread. My response was based on Support, not that it was a suggestion.

There is an existing suggestion to filter list by the category being viewed (which removes items that are in child categories from the listing). That sounds pretty much like what you want.