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Not Planned [XF1] Images for Showcase Node


Since some of us will be using the showcase node widget to display our Showcase section there will also be some of us who will not use the comment system and will instead have it linked to a discussion thread. Because of this, the comments stats box is no longer needed. Can you please consider replacing that box with a list of latest item images or latest items with the image attached to it, avatar-sized?

lol I doubt you would as its a ridiculously huge request but I find it more convenient the smaller the item images are so you can fit more in there to click on.

Screen Shot 2013-02-20 at 7.50.50 PM.png
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and it has its OWN CSS, so you can modify it to your hearts content. I am NOT a CSS Guru, nor a layout expert, so asking ME to help you with custom CSS is a complete waste of time lol I personally borrowed jaxels CSS/layout that he did for his attachments block thingy, but I can't copy it and release it with showcase lol
I've tested all the modules. What I was referring to was how Waindigo has his Avatar in Last Reply addon, well since there are no comments for members who turn their comments off and use thread integration instead, how about an avatar for most recent showcase item or avatars for most recent showcase item.
ah.. well, that is just a "simulated" thing made to look similar to the last post. It was my lame attempt at doing something to get traffic from the home page to a sportsbook event (and then used it for showcase). Im thinking about a complete redesign of it to NOT look like a Forum, but something different to that people will stop expecting the same functionality of what a NODE has lol