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Not Planned [XF1] Image embedded into the discussion thread


New Member
Brought this up before in a different topic but thought I would start a thread for it.

Would it be possible to have a preview of the image embedded into the discussion thread instead or with the image link.

I can also pay to have this custom tweak done for me? I'm ready to throw money at you as its so annoying to go to a image thread with a link to a picture and have to view it in the video gallery.

I had an idea that you could use the URL that is created for the image then wrap it in IMG tags to display it in the discussion thread. Let the users forum settings re-size it if needed.

Here is my example, maybe it helps, cheers :)

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This suggestion has been closed. Votes are no longer accepted.
Until core xenforo enhances the attachments system to allow for the sharing (reuse) of attachments, there is nothing that can be done. An attachment can not belong to more than one content type, nor can they be reused.

The only customization that can be done is to write additional code that would upload and attach an image to the associated discussion thread at the same time as item creation. That image in the thread (first post) would then only display in that first post and would belong to that post (and be managed by the post edit functionality). That image would not be usable in showcase. Doesn't make much sense to do it that way tho as you might as well not even use showcase and just have people post images to posts in a thread.

Hopefully KM will do some enhancements to the attachments system to make it more powerful in future versions. Its basically an infant right now.