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Not Planned [XF1] Featured Item list in the tabbed Showcase homepage

3rd angle

I know you have Featured Sliders modules which is great... but plz consider featured item list in the first tab.... just like what Chris did in his product manager addon https://xenresources.com/products/?order=display_order

Another one is having some option to control (filter by categories) the SC Homepage list. For example: i don't want Aquarium items to be shown in Recent Items tab (which is set as default 1st tab) because Aquarium is not the primary subject of the forum... so if we can filter out categories from the recent item tab it will be awesome. This is in light of not having the multi-instance (category as tabs) features soon.
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No thanks, there is a much better way of doing this already in place.

"Featured" is one of the TYPE FILTERS that when selected only displays items that have been marked as FEATURED. Then you are able to SORT all the "Featured" items with the various SORTING tabs. Featured is not a SORT ORDER (which are what the tabs are). This is a much more powerful way of doing it and gives users the ability to SORT Featured Items by Most Popular, Most Likes etc.

Please only ONE suggestion per thread as each suggestion is tracked separately. Start another thread when you have time for the 2nd suggestion. Its very similar to another request (altho, that may have been a private request as I get dozens of those a week lol). I kinda like the idea of the 2nd one.