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Not Planned [XF1] Author's response on Comments

3rd angle

Hi Bob,

Why not allow the author to post response to a particular comment just like in XF RM. That's one awesome design in XF and i sincerely hope it is implemented in showcase too.

The idea is to have one integrated design in our sites... when RM is rolled out we'd be using it for downloads. I'd like to give the members the same user experience like in RM.

Even the category bar location. It is placed on the left in RM whereas the categories in showcase are on the right side. I know they are different plugins but from a website design point of view it'd be best if we can have one single UI philosophy across the board.

Just think about it
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I am not adding any additional functionality to the light weight comments system in Showcase. It is what it is and it does everything that it was designed to do.
If I hadn't done Discussion thread integration, I'd be all for it. I'd rather keep the comments as low of a foot print as possible now tho.