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Not Planned [XF1] Allow members to vote for featured

Mike Edge

It would be great if members could vote on either showcases elected as a feature showcase or any for that matter. Winner would be set to featured for a select amount of days.
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This suggestion has been closed. Votes are no longer accepted.
How would something like this work with the already implemented Featured functionality? Where is this voting going on? Need more details to get a better idea of actual functionality and how it ties in with existing functionality (when you get time).
To bring this back up: Maybe the most/best rated item within a week gets the featured rank for the following week.
Right, sorry by voting I ment rated. The the highest rated of that catagory is then featured on a widget block.
The next version of showcase has category sorting and one of the sorting types is Top Rated.
What about a widget though to show off some of the top rated? Sorting is useful but it doesn't have the "omg you have to see this" effect as a product on a widget does.
There are 2 Widgets that have "Top Rated" data in them (TopRatedItems and TabbedItems). There are also 2 XenPorta blocks with Top Rated data in them.