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Not Planned [XF1] Allow members to vote for featured

Mike Edge

It would be great if members could vote on either showcases elected as a feature showcase or any for that matter. Winner would be set to featured for a select amount of days.
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How would something like this work with the already implemented Featured functionality? Where is this voting going on? Need more details to get a better idea of actual functionality and how it ties in with existing functionality (when you get time).
To bring this back up: Maybe the most/best rated item within a week gets the featured rank for the following week.
Right, sorry by voting I ment rated. The the highest rated of that catagory is then featured on a widget block.
The next version of showcase has category sorting and one of the sorting types is Top Rated.
What about a widget though to show off some of the top rated? Sorting is useful but it doesn't have the "omg you have to see this" effect as a product on a widget does.
There are 2 Widgets that have "Top Rated" data in them (TopRatedItems and TabbedItems). There are also 2 XenPorta blocks with Top Rated data in them.