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Not Planned [XF1] Accumulator Bet

This suggestion has been closed. Votes are no longer accepted.
You can do bookie based parlays easy enough... Its all in how you write the outcome title.

Outcome: "The Dirty Bird Gets the Worm" Falcons, Cardinals, Seahawks and Eagles win. 100 to 110

Outcome: "AFC West Rules" Raiders, Broncos, Chiefs and Chargers win. 100 to 110

Outcome: Red Sox win (baseball), Raiders win (football), Grizzlies win (college football). 2 to 1

I have no plans to go beyond that in a forum addon. I have a feeling I know what you are after and that kinda of software is WAY above a forum addon lol.
ya, its just way to complex for me to add in myself, support it etc. that functionality alone would be multiple times larger than the addon itself is currently.