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Implemented Xen Media Gallery Album Integration


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As per title, the ability to associate an Album from Xen Media Gallery with a Showcase Item.

This is purely in R&D mode (not actual development at this stage).
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This has been partially Implemented. You can now associate an XMG Album with any of your Showcase Items.

Here are a few FAQ's pertaining to this. More details will be posted once closer to release.

FAQ: Do I have to own the XMG Album?

Yes. You HAVE to be the Owner of the XMG Album AND the Showcase Item. You can not associate another member's Album to your Showcase Item.

FAQ: Do XMG Album Permissions still apply?

Yes. XMG Album Permissions come into play, ie, if the Album is set to 'People you follow', only those that you follow will be able to view them in showcase as well.

FAQ: Does it pull ALL images from a XMG Album?

No. I'm taking advantage of the MediaCache field in the Album Record. The number of images in the MediaCache are driven by the Options >> Xen Media Gallery >> Album Thumbnail Limit option. If you have this set to 10, then the most recent 10 images will be included in the Showcase Gallery along with all the Showcase Images (showcase images will list first, followed by XMG images).

It is now possible to pull ALL images from an XMG Album OR you can set a Max Limit (this is a global option). It also respects the ORDER of the images (to include custom ordering).

The XMG Album MediaCache images seemlessly integrate with the current images in the showcase gallery's (both the default and custom gallery) AS LONG AS BOTH ADDONS THUMBNAILS ARE THE SAME SIZE!

FAQ: Can users interact using XMG functionality with these images in Showcase?

No. Functional interaction (ie, commenting, rating etc) needs to happen in the XMG Album itself. This integration is for sharing to display only.

FAQ: Can an XMG image be set as a Showcase Cover Image?

Currently, No. Cover Image functionality is tied in with the Showcase Item attachments. This may be an option in a future version.

FAQ: You marked this as Partially Implemented, does that mean there is MORE to come?

Yes, however, I will not be getting into details right now.

NOTE: This requires Xen Media Gallery v 2.0.0 Stable or greater.
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Some Screen shots... As you can see, this is my XMG Album. It has 6 Images in it. The Album Permissions are set to Members Only.


Here you can see a showcase item that has the ABOVE XMG Album associated with it. As you can see, the showcase gallery contains the one image that belongs to it along with the 6 images from XMG. It also contains a direct link to the XMG Album.

Now lets change the permissions for the XMG Album to only people you Follow. As you can see, I am only following 1 person.

Now lets refresh the showcase page. Whats missing? The XMG images are now NOT displaying as the person viewing this showcase is not being followed by the XMG Album Owner, therefor does not have permissions to view any images in that Album. You'll also note that the Link to the XMG Album is not displayed as well (it only displays when XMG images are present)

This is a screen shot of the Default Gallery that comes with showcase. You can see that the XMG Thumbs are integrated with the showcase thumbs and will also display the XMG image FULL SIZE within Showcase.


This is to show you that you can display XMG Images without having ANY images uploaded to a showcase item. The obvious downside to this is no COVER IMAGE.
Someone asked me about HOW they are being set, so here are a couple images.

IF you have permission to EDIT a showcase item AND Xen Media Gallery is installed & enabled, a new function to set an album is located in the Showcase Tools sidebar block.

When you click on the link, the function will fetch all XMG Albums that are owned by the Showcase Item Owner (not the viewing user). In this case, the Item Owner is 'Admin' and Admin has 2 XMG Albums. There is also an OPTION to Unset the currently set XMG Album.


Albums are fetched as part of the process after clicking on the link, so when a Showcase Item owner does not have any available albums, it simply displays a message saying so. I've left the options on here in case there may be a rogue xmg album id associated with the item. This allows the item owner or moderator to set the xmg album id for this item to 0 (so that its fully un associated).

A Global switch to enable/disable the integration at any time without having to disable one or the other addons if something isn't working correctly between the two addons.

Also, a Max Media from Album option has been added to control the amount of media pulled from the Album.

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Another nice feature that comes with this is that each of the images that are pulled from XMG are actually "items" so they have fields like "Title" and "Description" that can be used...

Here is an example with the default image gallery. This image is a XMG associated image and you can see that directly under the image is the Title and Description.


Here is a shot of the "Custom Gallery". I've added the ToolTip to display the Title and Description of the XMG Images

NOTE: For those of you that want to do more, data like ratings, likes etc are available for each XMG media item (you are on your own for this tho).
It is now possible to pull ALL images from an XMG Album OR you can set a Max Limit (this is a global option). It also respects the ORDER of the images (to include custom ordering).
Hi Bob,
that´s fine :)

But now it´s still not possible to choose an item of an xmg album?
Maybe it´s not possible?
Here and on my site i can´t see an option to choose an item or change the custom ordering, i only can select the complete album.
The entire purpose of this is to share the entire album, not select images from an album. If you want to only use select images, upload them directly to showcase.

As far as the ORDER. Setting the order is a Xen Media Gallery Album function, not showcase. Each XMG Album can have its own custom order.

Click on the Custom Album Order link...

THEN, drag and drop the images in the order you want them to appear in the album.


i know the custom order of xmg, i thought i can change this during the import to showcase.

The entire purpose of this is to share the entire album, not select images from an album.
Ok. :)
i know the custom order of xmg, i thought i can change this during the import to showcase.

There is NO IMPORT process. You simply are associating. After you associate, you can change the order in the album and that new order will be reflected in showcase.

Go to your XMG album here, change the order of your images, then check the showcase item and you will see that they are now in the same order as you just changed them too.