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Resolved Wrong Pool type When Adding Week Games



I am trying to add week games but its coming up spread when my league is set to draw.

I did add a new league but accidentally added it as spread but deleted it and added it again as draw, now when I am adding games to a new week it's still trying to add them as draw?

Weeks and Games belong to a SEASON in a SPORT. A Game is not owned by a specific Pool. A Pool is associated with a SPORT and a specific SEASON within that Sport. That specific Season is where the weeks and games come from for each specific pool. This is so that a Season within a Sport can be used in Multiple Pools. You can use the same Season for Standard Pool(s), Draw Pools, Spread Pools and Survivor pools all running at the same time.

This is so that you don't have to create entire seasons for EACH POOL, instead, you create one season (weeks and games) and that season can be used in multiple pools. When you SCORE the games, the system KNOWS what type of pool it is and uses the game data to determine the winners... THAT is why there are inputs for SPREAD when adding a game as that game could be potentially used in a Spread Pool (which is the only pool type that uses that data).

Again... A SEASON can be used in MULTIPLE POOLS, to include pools that are different pool types at the same time.

When adding a GAME, you enter information that COULD be used in specific pool types.. eg, SPREAD input is always going to be part of the Add Game input, however, that DATA will only be used within SPREAD POOLS.

If NONE of your pools are Spread Pools, then don't add the spread, however, adding the spread will NOT effect Standard Pools, Draw Pools or Survivor as the spread only comes into play inside of Spread Pools.
Aye, I had brain freeze lol, feel free to delete this thread, it just looked different when adding games but its not, al working the same as always, apologises.
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No worries, its all good :) I won't delete it because its good information for others to see ;)

Hope you and your family are OK and staying safe!
No worries, its all good :) I won't delete it because its good information for others to see ;)

Hope you and your family are OK and staying safe!
Cool, thank you Bob, yes staying safe here.

Yes this allows me to run both a private prize league and a free one within the same season.

Stay safe :)
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