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Which CSS?


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Hi Bob

Can you tell me which css template I would need to edit in order to change the font colour of these two arrowed items please? Thanks. :)

screenshot-www marineaquariumsa com 2016-03-11 20-51-24.jpg
Both of those are CORE XENFORO CSS classes.

the title uses the core class
a:link, a:visited

so you will have to over ride that with something like this...
.showcaseListItem .main .title a:link,
.showcaseListItem .main .title a:visited
color: #176093;

The 2nd one is HTML output by the core xenforo date helper. You MIGHT be able to use the same trick above (replace a.link with .faint a
body .faint, body a.faint, body .faint a {
    color: #c8c8c8;
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