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Showcase What is the best suitable add-on for this use case?


Hello people!

For some context to explain what I need.

My clients are asking me to implement some kind of repository of authors, book writers, with their quotes, some introductions about books, paste-copy from ancient articles, including videos.

Videos uploads are some kind of big deal because some of these writers have some video lessons.

Sounds like a Wiki to me, but I was just thinking about the code/customization in Wiki CMS's and got a big headache.

I was thinking...

Maybe I can achieve this with Showcase? Or Blogs?

Or anything secret inside in the Bob's archive?

Thanks, as always.
Sounds SIMILAR to a project that @sbj is/was working on. He is/was using Showcase with a couple other addons. Maybe he can explain more in detail.
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Sorry, didn't see this thread yet.

I need more details @palhanow to recommend something.

The first question is, why can't you use simply threads?

Second question is, say there is one author. Will you post every possible information of this author (quotes of him, his books and introductions of books, ancient articles about him, videos of him) in one single page?

Because that is what a Wiki is.

Perhaps you want to publish the articles on AMS and link to them in the Wiki?

If you need a simple repository, you can use XFRM, or just threads, or SC or basically any of Bob's addons. It depends on what else you expect of it.

Because for a Wiki to work you also need keyword linking. It sounds like you don't need it. If you do, you need a 3rd party addon.

Or do you need Wiki specific bbcodes, for example on the traditional Wikipedia there is always an image of the person and below of the image you can find information of the person. upload_2022-1-31_15-33-37.png

In that case, you again need a third party addon.

It all depends on what you expect to happen.

Video uploads can be done to youtube and then linked to it for example.

There are too many open questions.
First, thanks for the interest in helping me what product to choose.

About the Wiki, since I started my site, I decided to drop all external resources to just focus on XF. This give my users a feeling that is everything part of the same place. I don't even want to begin to describe the problems that WordPress have, AMS was my first big change and dropped WP without looking back. Wiki CMS's have a lot to offer, but, is another system to admin, more tutorials on how to use, this kind of things. Even if I use BBCodes, it would be a nightmare to administrate, basically, an entirely new site. About video uploads, I really don't want to depend on mainstream services. Usually, they don't get along with my line of work, so, basically, the download of the material can be appropriate.

All begins with a very famous philosopher here in Brazil, who recently died in USA. A significant one. His material goes along to thousands of video lessons (is ok to use 'classes' in English?), hundreds of audiobooks/podcasts, more than 40 books published, many of them bestsellers, and it is impossible to count how many articles, papers, small texts he produced in his entire life.

So, he died. And many users, visitors, people that I don't even know are asking to create some kind of repository of his work. Well, first thing first, drop here on Bob's site to ask what I should do.

Can be just for this one writer in the beginning, maybe this get some strength and convert to a real service.

I don't like the idea of using threads for this, because it can get a little messy, that's why I came here to ask the general opinion, or I'm fundamentally wrong and there is a way of doing this repository using threads. Same as Articles in AMS. I'm not seeing how I can organize all this stuff with articles or threads. Maybe creating a "fake" profile of him and then, posting his things?

Since the Showcase is for "showing things", as Bob always say, was my first thinking.

Glad to hear all opinions.
From what I understand you are not looking for a Wiki, you are looking for a repository like you say. So you want to list all this stuff of this person.

Showcase works perfectly for your case. It can also be done with simply threads. The question is, do you want the visual experience Showcase offers. Do you want the focus on reviews, then RMS would be better?

Just browse the demos and see what is possible. Then try to imagine how you would want it and if it fits.