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Not Planned One minor and cosmetic suggestion to AMS: Option to change the color of the thread title


And again, more one suggestion from me to the next AMS.

Many websites (Drudge, Breitbart, NYT, FOX and mainstream in general) use in the main page (landing page) some kind of 'highlight' to certain titles and headlines, like very important news and posts.

I'm going to suggest this implementation to AMS too, since is the most complete CMS available on the internet right now.

I don't know the necessary level of complexity for such kind of improvement but i think it would be great if we have the option to choose a color for the headline/thread title on the main page.

Like, very important news, when creating a thread, we can choose in a box the color of the title to show on the widgets, landing page, and so on...

And that's it.

What you guys think about it?
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Is it possible to bump a suggestion? I have a mockup example now! :D

So, let's say that we have a very important headline, a news, or article, that need to be featured, best in another color. Drudge Report have something similar:


Now, let's see AMS page with a very (bad) adaptation for examples purposes:


When creating an article, the user (if you have the permissions), can choose the color of the headline/title. I used the prefix field just for example:


What do you guys think? Still not planned? :(