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What are the recommended dimensions for category images?

Stuart Wright

I want to make sure I get the optimal size of the image.
Some help in the app might be a good idea also. Currently we have
upload images to /styles/default/nflj/showcase/category_images
what size is best?
Category images are only used as place holders when no images have been uploaded to a showcase item, so if you are just using Stock Showcase, then you will want them to be proportionate to width:200 height:150 as that is the thumbnail size for items.

If you've modified the containers to have a different thumbnail/container size, you will want to make sure you follow that custom proportion.

I always use larger images when possible... so 400x300 will resize/crop almost perfectly for stock showcase.
Thanks Bob. I prefer to optimise the hell out of the site and use images which are exactly as big as they need to be :)
I'll create them at 200 x 150 then.

Another question, if I may. I just accidentally set the permissions to create items as moderated. And then created one.
Where do I moderate it? I'm an admin, but I don't see a permission to moderate showcase items, and there is nothing in the moderation queue.
Moderated items do go into the que, so maybe you had another SC permission that over road it. Go to "Your Items" page and look at the right hand sidebar and see if their is a block displayed for moderated items (or see if it is in "draft' mode).
Yeah there are two moderated items in there. I hit save twice, not understanding what was going on. Can't figure out how to do anything with them, though. I don't even see the moderation queue. Don't know how to set myself up to moderate items in the moderation queue. :(
Moderated showcase items are no different than moderated posts, threads, media etc.. they use the core XF moderation que.

Check the Showcase Moderator Permissions and make sure these are set..

Edit Any Item: ALLOW

One of these must be set to allow:
Delete Any Item (Soft)
Delete Any Item (Hard)
Can I get access to test? I'd need Admin CP Access. The last person to have this exact problem didn't have permissions set correctly.