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Implemented Weekly Winners Management


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As per title, Since weeks are now attached to Seasons instead of Pools and can shared between several pools, there needs to be a Weekly Winners Management section for Pool Administration in order to assign the weekly winners for each pool.

some screen shots to visually see the flow...

On the Pools Management Page, there will be links to the Pool Weekly Winners Management page

This is the Pool Weekly Winners Management page. It lists all weeks for the season associated with this pool. Each week will list the winners username in green if they are set. If not set, a gray dash. This gives you a quick visual on weeks that need updating. Click on the week name to edit the Winners for that week.

This is the Week Winners edit page. Simply enter the user id's for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place for the week and hit save.
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NOTE: You don't HAVE to use the Weekly Winners functionality. Its there for those that WANT to use it.