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Variant without indexation


New Member
Hello, Bob B!
This is my suggestion:

1. In Admin CP set tax on 10%. This 10% charge from ALL wagers which place users on ANY outcomes in ALL events. This % charge in moment when user do wager(s) and subtracted from main sum of wager.

Calculating the amounts of paid out for two different outcomes in event:
  • Wagers on outcome A: a1 – 5$, a2 – 3$, a3 – 7$, a4 – 10$ = ∑a=25$
  • Wagers on outcome B: b1 – 20$, b2 – 5$, b3 – 10$ = ∑a=35$
Commission takes from ALL wagers and ALL outcomes in event:∑A+B=60$-10%(commission - 6$)=54$
Winning amount is 54$ and divided between all wagers(outcome B) by the formula:
Sample: IF outcome B is won then calculating sum of paid out for wager b1:
bandicam 2014-07-01 16-07-00-533.png
Where 0,9 - subtracted 10% commission;
Where bandicam 2014-07-01 16-08-55-337.png calculation of the coefficient for wager b1
Where +b1 add main sum of wager b1 to outcome B
How this looks like:
bandicam 2014-07-01 16-07-17-226.png

This option must turn on in Admin CP as an alternative method already realized mechanics.
If possible to realize the simultaneous(Elective) use of these calculation methods in different events, it would be perfect, outstanding, excellent!

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