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Implemented User Tagging for Items

This suggestion has been implemented. Votes are no longer accepted.
User Tagging is now integrated for the 5 Content Tabs that use the editor for content input.
A little more detail on this and how it works.

User Tagging is now individually integrated into each of the 5 Content Tabs. What this means is that if you Tag a user in Tab 3 of your item, that user will receive an alert for Tab 3 and take that person directly to Tab 3 of the item. Each of the 5 tabs have their own Alert for user tagging (so that they can be taken directly to the specific tab).
  • You can tag the same user in tab 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 and they will receive 5 alerts each linking to the respective tab.
  • Users are only alerted when you first tag them (just like in core xf).
  • If you edit the item, remove the original tag and tag them again, it will send an alert as it is considered a "new" user tag.
  • Each Alert (5 of them) has its own template and phrase (see note 2 about phrases).
  • There is a new Alert Preference for receiving alerts when Tagged in an item (you can't opt out of an individual tab, its either all or none).
NOTE: This is for ITEM content user tagging only. User Tagging (if implemented) for comments and reviews will be handled separately since they are their own content types and are both handled differently.

NOTE 2: Minor change to Each Alert having its own Phrase. There is now only ONE phrase (nflj_showcase_x_tagged_you_in_tab_in_item_y), however, each alert still has its own template.
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Thank you Bob, this is awesome!

Next I'd also like to have the ability to tag users in Comments.