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User Permissions & Other Newbie Configuration Questions


New Member
So I've got most of the configuration options set currently, they're pretty much straightforward that you have to setup the Registered Users + Admin + Moderator users permissions just like any other addon.

However, there are a couple that I have questions about.

  • Create items moderated
    • What's this? Does it allow a user to create a showcase item but just keep it in a state where it's moderated?
    • Would this allow a guest (for the unregistered / unconfirmed user group) to be able to create a showcase, or is there no way to store that data unless they are registered. I think I answered my own question, but hey it's 5:00 am.
  • Time limit on editing/deleting own items (minutes)
    • Pardon the pun, but is there a time limit on time limits? (Why do I want to go to Central Market now?)
    • It's listed in minutes but I'd like to give people a set amount of time on a couple of these, but more in terms of days, so 1 day = 1440 minutes, etc.

Hard or Soft Delete of data and images?

  • Is there a hard vs. soft delete concept built into the system? It looks like there are some permissions for undelete comments, but what about other types of undelete?
  • This is getting to be a balance judgement call for how to run a community where traffic flows into the site from visitors looking for the content inside of the showcase .... vs. giving member's ownership over the showcase to add/remove as they see fit for as long as they want. Even being able to delete and remove everything over long stretches of time.
  • Again, I think i've answered my own question by typing it out ... Since my communities are mostly automotive, perhaps I should create an overall status attribute/field such as "Project, Completed, Dream Vehicle, Sold, Wrecked, etc..." That way people who have sold one of their prize vehicles won't feel like they are still "showcasing" the vehicle as if they own it still.
There are 2 create permissions. You set ONE of them per user/user group. Create = publishes without needing to be approved. Create Moderated = goes into the XenForo Moderation queue for approval.

Guests are not allowed to create. The XenForo permissions system doesn't let you remove a specific permission listing for a specific user group, so all permissions for showcase are listed for each group regardless if that permission can even apply to that specific group. This applies mainly towards the "Not logged In/Not Registered" user group (where there are no user_id's in play).

Time lime on editing/deleted is by minutes (core xenforo standard). Setting to 0 = unlimited (which is default). I think most people use the time limit for Comments and Reviews. You can set the minutes to what ever period of length you want to... 1 Day = 1440, 1 Week = 10080, 1 Month = 43829 , 1 year = 525949

delete permissions are SOFT unless they specifically state that the are HARD DELETE. When you are deleting something and you have the ability to HARD delete, it will give you the option to either Soft Delete OR Hard Delete. If you only have soft delete permissions, it doesn't give you the option to HARD delete.

For Attachments, when an uploaded attachment is remove from an item, the XenForo attachments system handles the delete process.

Me personally, I give users full control over their Items.