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Implemented Upload Event Icon


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I know I can upload images to xenaddons/sportsbook/category_images to add category icons, but if I can add icons for each event this is the most wonderful.

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This has been implemented in Sportsbook 2.2.6

This feature allows bookies to upload an event icon that will be displayed in place of the Category Icon or User Avatar (in that order). This Icon is the same display size as the current Category Icon or User Avatar.

This is a permissions based feature. I've added 2 new Event bookie permissions, one too allow Bookies to upload an event icon to their own events and one to allow Bookies (or staff) to upload event icons to any event.

If the viewing user has permission to both upload an event icon and edit the event, they will see a link in the More options dropdown of an event "Edit event icon".


Clicking on the "Edit event icon" link will launch the Event icon overlay that allows the viewing user to manage the event icon. In this scenario, the event does not have an event icon, so the form will only have the icon uploader. Simply click browse and choose the image that you want to upload as the event icon.

Note: Even tho the largest that Sportsbook will display icons is appx 75 x 75, its a good idea to upload something a bit larger (200x200) so that the system can generate a really nice clarity icon.


In this shot, the event does have a custom event icon uploaded, so the edit icon form has 2 options now which allow you to either upload a different icon or delete the current icon.

You can also see that the Event Header is displaying the custom Event Icon vs the Category Icon.


The Event Icon displays on all layout types (list view, carousel, simple, search result etc).