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Upgrade issues


New Member
Hey Guys

I haven't upgraded Showcase in a while, so I downloaded 2.5.4 from your site, FTPed the contents to my server and attempted to upgrade it, it errored saying I needed to have a minimum of 2.4.0 installed, so I FTPed 2.4.0 up and ran the upgrade, everything displayed fine, but I cant create a new item, I get a JavaScript error. I have now FTPed 2.5.4 up and run the upgrade and am still getting the same Java error.

Any Ideas ? Im a bit lost

url 2fiftycc.com
Xenforo Version 1.5.4


sc_error.PNG Capture.PNG
Probably something that I'd need to spend a little bit of time on your site troubleshooting. I don't have time right now, but will have time tomorrow if you are around? Start a convo with me when you have time and provide me admin login to the site as well as FTP and phpMyAdmin access. WE'll get you all fixed up :)