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Updated status


New Member
Hi @Bob

I'm loving this addon. I'm not using a lot of its features, basically using it just for reviews which is working well.

I'd like to know if the following can be achieved. When a user leaves a review, it does not change the 'Updated' date/timestamp. I guess that only gets updated if the Item gets an update.

1 - Can this be changed to accept an updated timestamp from the latest user review?
2 - If no to above, how would I best remove the Updated field?

As a side suggestion, if you are only allowing Rating stars with a review, (as I am) the votes should be removed from the star count, as they will always report the exact same number as the amount of reviews :)

See below for my implementation of Showcase.


Hey Rob..

You could add code to the DataWriter that would trigger an update query to set a new timestamp on the item update field. There is a bit more involved tho because of the Read Marking system (which is driven off the item data fields), so that would also need to be taken into consideration. Are you a developer? (don't want to talk above or below your skill level so figured I'd ask first before going too deep or not deep enough)
I'll check with a couple of the upcoming developers to see if they would be interested in helping you. This would be the perfect project for someone that is wanting to learn.