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Updated Article Alerts?


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A user just posted this on my forum

It'd be really nice if, like the photo garage section, you could see what article was updated with the touch of a button. Maybe I'm missing something, but it seems like you have to hunt through every section to find what has been updated.

Am I missing how to do this?
There is a Sort Type that fetches content by the Last Update date (in other words, it fetches the most recently updated content). This sort type can be set for each major area of AMS as well as for things like Blocks, Widgets, Sliders etc.


For example, theses are the available Sort Order types that you can set for AMS Home page (when not using modular layout). You can even set the Recently Updated as the default sort order. You can do this for all areas. Category pages can override this. Modular Layout has this for fetching content for the Modular Blocks.

PS.. Showcase has this same feature.

I CLEARLY stated that there are sort type settings all over the place that have that specific sort type available in the Admin

Major Areas = Find New, AMS Home, AMS Category Pages, AMS Member Pages, MAS Profile, AMS Field Search Results etc

And like I also stated, things like Blocks, Widgets, Modules ALSO have that same sorting type for FETCHING content, so you can do things like set the Forum Home Articles Block to display Recently Updated Content.

Also all the SLIDER settings have the ability to set the fetching sort order (which includes date: Update Date.

Also each Category can over ride the global category settings so that you can fine tune a specific category to have its own default sort type or only certain sort types. Categories also have MODULAR Layout settings that use the sort types.

As for the FRONTEND. ALL pages are defaulted to INDEX view (which is a SORTABLE and FILTERABLE listing page). The only exception to this is AMS Home and AMS Category pages have an advanced option to make those pages like a PORTAL (Modular Layout). When you do that, you are configuring those pages to display SPECIFIC BLOCKS OF CONTENT. Those Blocks of Content each have their own configurations. One of those configurations is SORT ORDER and one of the sort orders is UPDATE DATE. If you click on the BLOCK TITLE, it will take you to that specific Category Page in INDEX mode which lets your users sort and filter the results.

Users have ALWAYS been able to Sort and Filter results. You have to purposely take away the users ability to do things (like uncheck all the sort types and turn off the sort system).