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Resolved Tile view - images per row?


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Hey Bob, I tried searching for this before I posted. In the old SC for XF 1.5 I was able to set the number of images per row in Grid layout, and also set the thumbnail dimensions. I know all of that has changed in the latest version of SC for XF2.1. Am I right to guess that I will now have to do adjust that in the template files? I want to play around with the width/height of the Tile images and test 3 column vs 4 column layouts for Index and Category.
You would need to modify the .tile-container flex settings in the LESS template (xa_sc_tile_view_layout.less) for the Tile View layout. IIRC, its set at 33%, with 4 responsive break points that increase it from 33% (3 wide) to 50% (2 wide) to 100% (1 wide).