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Tag Cloud for Articles only

Discussion in 'AMS Suggestions' started by MrWorldWide, Mar 9, 2022.

  1. MrWorldWide

    MrWorldWide New Member AMS Premium

    Tags and a tag listing page would be a great (and extremely useful) addition to the addon. It's a little different to the 'keywords' concept. Tags are a description of the nature of the article rather than just a list of words that appear in the article. For instance, if you run the addon to maintain a dbase of short stories, not all horror stories will include the word 'horror'. It's also impractical to create a category for every conceivable theme a reader might be interested in, some themes cater to a very specific and niche interest. Tags also reduce the webmaster's workload as the article author does the work for you.
  2. Bob

    Bob Developer Staff Member

    What is wrong with the TAGS Handler that AMS already implements? All my addons implement the Core XF Tag Handler, which is a standardized tags system for all content types.

    Can you please explain why I would have to implement TWO completely different tags system and how that would effect the TAGS system that is already in place?
  3. MrWorldWide

    MrWorldWide New Member AMS Premium

    My bad, I just realized that one of my sites is displaying tags and the other one isn't, of course I was looking at the one that wasn't. I just can't figure out why tags aren't showing. I have tags checked in the style properties options for the article layout page, and I have a minimum of 3 tags specified in the AMS options page. I checked usergroup permissions, all permissions are allowed for tags, both sites are configured identically as far as I can tell. Nothing I do seems to make a difference, the option to add tags just refuses to show up on the page.

    Attached Files:

  4. MrWorldWide

    MrWorldWide New Member AMS Premium

    And after doing a little dive into the Core XF Tag Handler that you mentioned above I was finally able to figure it out! Thanks!
    Bob likes this.
  5. Bob

    Bob Developer Staff Member

    I'll leave this open as a Tags Cloud for just Articles might be something nice to have.
    MrWorldWide likes this.
  6. MrWorldWide

    MrWorldWide New Member AMS Premium

    Depending on how people use your addon it can be super helpful. I use AMS to archive stories and for my users it would be fantastic to have on the page.
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