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Tag Cloud for Articles only


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Tags and a tag listing page would be a great (and extremely useful) addition to the addon. It's a little different to the 'keywords' concept. Tags are a description of the nature of the article rather than just a list of words that appear in the article. For instance, if you run the addon to maintain a dbase of short stories, not all horror stories will include the word 'horror'. It's also impractical to create a category for every conceivable theme a reader might be interested in, some themes cater to a very specific and niche interest. Tags also reduce the webmaster's workload as the article author does the work for you.
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What is wrong with the TAGS Handler that AMS already implements? All my addons implement the Core XF Tag Handler, which is a standardized tags system for all content types.

Can you please explain why I would have to implement TWO completely different tags system and how that would effect the TAGS system that is already in place?
My bad, I just realized that one of my sites is displaying tags and the other one isn't, of course I was looking at the one that wasn't. I just can't figure out why tags aren't showing. I have tags checked in the style properties options for the article layout page, and I have a minimum of 3 tags specified in the AMS options page. I checked usergroup permissions, all permissions are allowed for tags, both sites are configured identically as far as I can tell. Nothing I do seems to make a difference, the option to add tags just refuses to show up on the page.


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And after doing a little dive into the Core XF Tag Handler that you mentioned above I was finally able to figure it out! Thanks!
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Depending on how people use your addon it can be super helpful. I use AMS to archive stories and for my users it would be fantastic to have on the page.