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Implemented Survivor Pool: Difficulty Levels


A per survivor pool option to disallow selection against the same opponent picked against the previous week.

This would give the option of making the competition a bit harder. Right now we have a bad team that is also Covid-affected so people are just picking against them every week.
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Pickem 2.2.3 introduces Difficulty Level for Survivor Pools. There are currently only 2 difficulty levels, however, there are plans to add more in future versions of pickem.

The 2 difficulty levels are "Standard" and "Medium - no back to back opponents". This is a per POOL option and can be enabled/disabled at any time during the season (in other words, you are not locked in to this setting like you are other per pool options).


Standard = Standard Survival difficulty (which is simply pick a team each week, once that team has been picked, it can not longer be used again for the duration of the season. This is Vegas Survivor Pickem standard and will never change.

Medium - no back to back opponents = This difficulty level includes a popular TWIST to standard survivor pools in that you can not pick against the same team in back to back weeks. eg, if in Week 1, you picked the Raiders to beat the Broncos, then whoever the Broncos play in week 2 will NOT be available for you to pick because you can't pick against the Broncos's 2 weeks in a row.

Important Note: DNP's do not count as a previous week!, so if you pick the against the Bronco's in week 1 and you do not participate in week 2, that does not mean you can pick against the Bronco's in week 3 as the Broncos are still considered the last team you picked against and you can not pick against the same team back to back. That is how I designed, that is the way it is intended to work.

This is not something that members need a Doctorate in Theoretical Physics to understand. Either you can pick a team or you can't (the system determines that for you based on difficulty level and previous weeks picks).

Here you can see that the Current Week is Week 3 (as the player is able to set a pick for that week). This player picked the Bronco's in week 1 and the Chargers in week 2, so those 2 teams are already unavailable for the rest of the season. Week 2 was the previous week, and the team picked against was the Bronco's, so the Bronco's are listed as the "Last team picked against, which is in its own block). This means that for week 3 (the current week), this player can not pick against the Broncos (which is why you see the Arizona Cardinals team logo in the Unavailable teams block as that is who the Bronco's are playing in week 3 and you can't not pick against the Bronco's, which means you can't pick the Cardinals (super simple concept and a popular twist for Survivor Pools).


And here we are on the "Make you pick" page for Week 3 and you can see that this player can not choose the Arizona Cardinals this week due to the Pool difficulty not allowing picking against the same opponent back to back.


What's nice about difficulty level is that it can be enabled/disabled at any time as well as changing difficulty levels at anytime (in future when there are more than 2 levels to choose from). You could start out the season with standard difficulty level and then increase it to Medium after the 3rd week and again increase it Intermediate after the 5th week and increase to Difficult in week 8 and then back to standard after week 10 lol (not sure you'd want to do that, but you could if you wanted to).

Future difficulties that I am going to be considering are
  • "Easy - No unavailable teams"
  • "Hard - Away Teams only"
  • "Hard - Home Teams only"