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Not a Bug Stake returned on losing bet if multibets on same event

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Looks like some people on my forum have found a big bug in the application.

1) i have on event with 5 options...
a) Team X to win 1.80
b) Team Z to win 1.90
c) Team X to win by more than 6 3.00
d) Team Z to win by more than 6 3.40
e) Player X to score a try 15.00

now i have members who are making big equal value bets on a) and b).

What is resulting is that either of those bets will definately win, so they will get that payout, AND they also get their stake they put in the losing bet returned to them. Basically its a win win situation for them. They should not get their stake returned to them on any losing bets.

Can we please get this fixed immediately!
I can't reproduce this in any way. Are you sure your bookies are not deleting those outcomes as deleting outcomes is the only time a "stake" is returned. There is no function to return a stake built into the settlement functinality.. only those outcomes that are CHECKED (as to pay out) on the settlement form get processed and that process returns the winnings and stake at the same time. What yer saying is impossible.

Please post the exact steps you took to test this out for yourself and also, give me access to your site so that I can test as well.
ok i have reproduced it again on my site


i had $100 to begin with. I put up 2 options, and bet $40 on each option. Now after i settled the bet, with one of the options winning, my sportsbook cash is now 136.00

so i had 100 at the start.
after i placed 40 on each option i was left with 20.
the option that was settled won me 76. my total should be 20+76 = 96. However my sportsbook cash balance is 136 right now.

create an account on the site mate and let me know and ill give you the necessary permissions you require.
The "winnings" that are displayed do not include the "stake" amount, that is why you think something is wrong when its not.

You started with $100

You placed $40 wagers (stakes) on 2 outcomes.

Outcome A $40 wager (stake)
Outcome B $40 wager (stake)

At this point your Sportsbook cash = $20 (because you put 2 $40 stakes down).

Next step.

You settle the event with outcome A paying out and outcome B not paying out (so you only check A).

Outcome A's winnings are $76.00. That does not include the $40 stake as a stake is never included in the "winnings".

So you had a total of $76.00 in winnings, plus your $40 stake on outcome A returned which equals $116.00 that was deposited back into your sportsbook cash amount.

Now, add $116.00 to your $20 that you had prior to settling and you now have $136.00

So no, the $40 stake on outcome B is not getting returned and you would notice this if you did different stake amounts.

Try this if you want to see it in action.

Outcome A 1 to 1, put down $10
Outcome B 2 to 1, put down ALL of your remaining money

You will have 0 sportsbook cash at this point.

Settle Outcome A only. After settlement you will have $20 because you won $10 (on a 1 to 1 wager) and had your $10 stake returned. The "All in" stake on outcome B did NOT get returned.

Its just a misunderstanding of thinking that the "winnings" include the stake amount. Just let your members know that "winnings" do not include the stake amount, but that the stakes ARE returned on all winning wagers.
Looks like some people on my forum have found a big bug in the application.

1) i have on event with 5 options...
a) Team X to win 1.80
b) Team Z to win 1.90

Watch out tajhay!
SportsBook Decimal Odds 1.8 => European Decimal Odds 2.8
Put simply, think of "winnings" as a net profit.

If you put down $1 and get $2 back, you're a dollar better off. So in total you've won $1... that's your winnings.
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