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Sportsbook 1.3.0 permission problems

Discussion in 'Sportsbook Support' started by yeroulfella, Feb 17, 2014.

  1. yeroulfella

    yeroulfella New Member Sportsbook

    Hello Bob B

    We've just updated to Sportsbook 1.3.0 and now no one, from Administrators to Registered members can put a wager on anything.

    I have set the relevant permissions in Users->User Group Permissions and as well in Applications->Sportsbook-> Category Management-> permissions for each category.

    All of the moderators and admin still get the error: "You have insufficient privileges to wager on this event" for all events we have already created and any new events we create.

    What have we missed?


    And just a question about Push:
    On my test event I had three outcomes. I selected two of them to Push but left them all un-ticked so none of them paid out... The event became Settled and can no longer be edited. On the "Detailed Outcomes" tab each outcome is marked as "Settled" and two of them also say "Pushed" ...but beyond that it hasn't achieved anything. I thought it would either reopen the event with the Pushed outcomes or create a new one?

  2. Bob

    Bob Developer Staff Member

    Did you rebuild the caches right after the upgrade?

    I'd really need to log in and look to see exactly what groups you have and how they are set, so when you get a chance, inbox me with log in credentials (full admin perms so I can check out permissions).

    Pushing an outcome means that anyone that placed a wager on that outcome will get their stake back. That is what a PUSH does. Its used when the outcome results in a TIE.
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  3. yeroulfella

    yeroulfella New Member Sportsbook

    Thanks for the information regarding Push. I have inboxed you with login details.
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