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Implemented Sport Logo: Asset Uploader


Staff member
As per title, I've updated the input for the Sport Logo to use the Core XF Asset Uploader (XF 2.2 - Style archive import/export, Style asset locations and Asset uploads)


This means that you will HAVE TO EDIT each of your sports that you are currently setting a Sport Logo for (either to upload the sport logo via the asset uploader OR to add the PATH data/assets/xa_pkm_sport_logos/ to the input and then manually move your sport logos into the data/assets/xa_pkm_sport_logos/ folder.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This does not mean you can add a complete URL to an external image, the input is designed for use with the Core XF Asset Uploader, which stores images in data/assets/FOLDER (where FOLDER is determined by an asset key set by the addon).
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