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Social Images for Each Article


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Today I am going back into my WordPress blog and getting ready to create a Facebook image and a Twitter image so the open graph will pull those images. It's built into Yoast SEO, and it does make a remarkable difference. My reach numbers on Facebook show a huge increase when my images are pulled correctly. Maybe this is a reasonable suggestion that would benefit all.

The sizes are:
  • Facebook: 1200 x 627px
  • Twitter: 1024 x 512px
I use Sprout Social to stay up to date on the sizes across platforms. Anyways, I know how important social media is and how getting the right images translated when someone shares our articles. I have no idea if this is possible or if there is an addon that does this already. I just happen to be doing image work on my blog and then jumped to AMS to realize that social images seem to be missing.

Thanks for reading it and hope it's worth the suggestion.
Indeed that is how it works currently. In today's media/social world it's not the right best better way to do it anymore, but it gets the basic job done. I am after more clicks and better sharing numbers as most writers are. It was worth bringing to the table at least, and thanks for the reply!
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In today's media/social world it's not the right best way to do it anymore

Since when? Every single article that I have shared today on GOOGLE PLUS has created the shared content with the COVER IMAGE of the ARTICLE (Articles from dozens of sites like NFL.com, ESPN.com, CNN.com, etc).

I guess GOOGLE hasn't got the message yet lol
The cover image works so I can't argue that point and the image shows on all the shares. Those shares use a different styling depending on where you share it, especially if it's just a square. However by adding in the possibility of adding an image specifically based on sizes made for each social network you get a better appearance. As I stated before, when I started doing it with the Yoast SEO my shares got a bit more attention. So the method we all currently use now works. I am just suggesting a method that increases how we share by selecting images best suited by each network. In my case I just use Facebook & Twitter.
Not sure if this will work or not, but have you tried editing the 'open_graph_meta' template or 'nflj_showcase_open_graph_meta' tempalte and adding 2 additional og:images to it (one for FB and one for Twitter).
<meta property="og:image" content="URL to FB image" />
<meta property="og:image" content="URL to Twitter image" />

You might have to put them before the other og:images so that they display first as default (and I am not sure how the hell twitter would know to pick the twitter one over the facebook one when they are both og:image).
I have no tried that yet, but I certainly will and report back if this solves this ask. I will research further in how it knows which one. I was unsure whether or not to ask the question in the first place and it popped in my head while I adding the images for my WordPress articles. I appreciate the instructions too. As always, thank you Bob!
I'd probably try the Showcase Open Graph template first as that would only effect Showcase Items. The other template would effect core XenForo (threads)
I'd probably try the Showcase Open Graph template first as that would only effect Showcase Items. The other template would effect core XenForo (threads)
This will work for AMS too right? I didn't catch the Showcase until I just re-read it. I never assume so double checking.
All my addons have their own open_graph_meta template...

Showcase = nflj_showcase_open_graph_meta
Sportsbook = nflj_sportsbook_open_graph_meta
Article Management System = nflj_ams_open_graph_meta
Review Management System = nflj_rms_open_graph_meta
User Blogs System = nflj_ubs_open_graph_meta