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Not Planned Sidebar rearrangment

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Tracy Perry

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I've gotten into articles pretty heavy over on my site. On one set of them, I made several of them part of a series. I also have enabled the discussion function.

What I found was that with the sidebar showing not only the table of contents, but also a table of content of the series, the Join Discussion button had been pushed WAY down the viewport, well below the intro page of the article. This made it easy to miss. Even on the page views of the shorter content pages it was of a similar issue.
I used TMS to tweak the positioning, but was wondering if it might be a good idea to look at doing it in the core?
This is what I have ended up with (still may move the join discussion button above the TOC in the end).

Screen Shot 2024-06-11 at 5.31.33 AM.png

As you can see, the original TOC is lengthy... and the Series TOC has 9 entries in it. That pushed the Join Discussion button well below where most users would take the time to scroll.
This is probably not the best layout to use, but I thought I might bring up the issue that I ran into and see if there may be a better solution like maybe a collapsed (by default) tab for the Series table of content?
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You are not the first license holder to ask me to rearrange a block based on personal opinion. I've literally had 100's of requests over the years and they all believe that their personal opinion was best for everyone. The issue is, those opinions were all different and most conflicted with others opinions.

Anyway, I've marked this as "Not planned" as this is a very easy (skill level 1) customization that individual sites can do on their own :)
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