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Showcase Wiki tab (combine showcase with WikiPost for some cool stuff)


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I'm experimenting with this... but I've used WikiPost to convert the threads that are created with items into WikiPosts. (https://xenforo.com/community/resources/ad-wikiposts.4032/) I just changed the "Discussion" phrase to "Wiki" to complete the transformation. :)

I just did it so we'll see how it goes... check out how I implemented it here:


It's a neat little customization that I realized you can do with Showcase. :)
You may also want to checkout Vaultwiki. Vaultwiki is a full fledged wiki system with much more features than wiki posts. it has an easy to insert wiki article blocks into xenforo templates. Here is a suggestion for Showcase specifically:
Showcase Wiki tab
As usual add your vote there if you want to have it implemented.
I looked into it before... seemed a little too complicated for my needs. This is a little hack to have a simple member editable page with info.