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Implemented Showcase index page type


Staff member
I've added a new option to Showcase that lets you choose whether to use the Standard Index or use the new Modular Index (which you build by yourself via adding widgets). Its so simple, a caveman can do it

The new option is located in the General options (as shown below). Default is "Standard index page".


There are NO pre-configured widgets that use these new widget locations, so you will be starting out with a blank page (as shown below).


Im not going to teach you how to use the XenForo Widget System, there are literally 1000's of individuals that can help you with that. This is all done via creating widgets and choosing to display them on Showcase modular index (either Main or Sidebar).

So lets add a Widget to the Showcase modular index page... I am going to add a featured items grid to Showcase Modular Index.

Note: You can add ANY Widget to Showcase modular index, not just Showcase widgets... ANY Widget in the XF Widget System.

You'll notice that Showcase now has 2 NEW Widget Positions (Showcase modular index: Main and Showcase modular index: Sidebar). These 2 positions let you add ANY widget to the Showcase Modular Index page.


And walla.... Showcase Modular Index now has some content, a Featured Items Grid.


Here I've added a widget to the Showcase Modular Index sidebar (using new "Showcase: Category Nav" widget definition to create a Showcase Categories widget).

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