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Showcase categories drop down


I am currently using the show case as a school review system (so far so good). However the issue im having is that my "Categories" I turned into "Countries". So the Categories are a list of countries where the school is located. As you can imagine the countries list is very long (see attachment).
My question is, is there anyway i can make this country list in the showcase sidebar turn into a drop down country menu?

Thanks for all the help!


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Its "doable", however, this is a bit more than a quick template edit (or I'd just post a quick how to). There are 2 completely different blocks. The "categories" block for the Index page is different than the "categories" block for Category pages (different programming code and different template syntax as well as different rendering). The index one can be converted to a drop down using basic HTML/Xen syntax fairly easy (if you know what you are doing), however, the Category Page block is a different story tho as there is specific code in the controller (as well as Helpers and Views) that go along with it. To do it properly, it might require some code modification to the category controller to expose the data the way you'd need it for a hierarchical drop down (like the Category Chooser looks like).

If this is something to technical for you to figure out/do on your own, you can inbox me a customization request if you'd like.
Seny you a PM for now im just loking at having the categories block on the Index page as a drop down since this will be the main landing page for most of the visitors. This is something I may have to recommend for future implimentation due to the fact that many people may have many categories.
For example if youre running a car showcase and list all the car makes it will be a long list. Same with sports teams ect.. Or for instance in my case listing countries =D