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Showcase 3.1.9 - Truncating/snippeting Latest Reviews


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Those LINKS point to 2 completely different pages. The First one is part of the XF Find New system, the other one is to a specific action in the main showcase controller. The are SIMILAR functions, but not the same. They also use different output templates.

Also, there are A LOT of things in the XF2 version of Showcase that are DIFFERENT (or new) than the XF1 version of Showcase. IIRC, the 2nd link you are pointing out is something NEW in the XF2 version of Showcase (separate from the XF Find New system). The core functionality is also used by the XF Widget System for creating Review's based widgets.
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Is there any plan to add in "whats-new/showcase-reviews" to the What's New area of XF2? It would be much more useful for our users than the comments, for example.
I have no plans to implement read marking for user reviews. If XF ever decided to enhance the Find New system to be a mixed content system (its currently not as all content types are segregated), then I will consider it.
btw, you the MAIN "Whats New" page is a WIDGET PAGE and you can add a Latest Reviews widget to that page if you want to.
We've made a couple of changes which will get a similar appearance to what we're looking for, but still thought I'd ask the above question.

Thanks again, Bob, for all your hard work and assistance.

(edit: sorry for the cross post! Thanks for the update, sir!)
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I am REALLY hoping for a massive overhaul of the current find new system. Clicking on Find new should really be fetching UNREAD/UNVIEWD content, from all content types, not just POSTS like it currently does. Then the mixed content could be filtered by content type to narrow down the results if needed.