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Partially Implemented Selective default search filter


New Member
Right now, when someone clicks on Sportsbook, by default the 'Any' search filter displays all event statues. This can be confusing for some users, especially new members, who just want to see 'Open' events 1st.

Can you add an option in ACP which allows Admins to set the default filter? This option will be useful to other forum owners as well.

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This suggestion has been implemented. Votes are no longer accepted.
I fully support this, and definantly want to see it. I feel it's almost necessary.
If you visit my site sportsbook - http://www.netrider.net.au/sportsbook/ - you will see that by defaulting to the Any tab, that it is very confusing and unfriendly, even 'messy'. I have made use of the cron functionality to automatically open future events, and these closed events all list on the default page.
Perhaps, at least, if the Any tab was grouped or sorted, so that open events appeared at the top of the first page? But I do think the suggestion of defaulting to the Open tab is the better opportunity here.
no need to "lobby", I asked him to create this to remind me to work it in on the next version.
Marked as partially Implemented as I don't really feel like making it Admin CP configurable, but I did give you what you wanted and that is to default filtering OPEN events (which makes sense).

I've changed it so that OPEN is now the "default" filter type on the Sportsbook Home page and Category Pages. I've also moved the "Any" tab to the end of the tab list (which you can also edit the index and category templates and remove as well if you don't want the 'Any' filter at all).

On the Bookie CP, I am defaulting to Awaiting (as that is the most useful filter for a bookie) and have completely removed the "Any" is it is really useless for Bookies (they can still append &type=any to the URL if they just must have them all listed together)

I have not made up my mind on changes to the "Your Wagers" page yet. Im probably going to remove 'Any' (just like I did for the bookie cp) and default it to Open or Settled as both of those would make more sense than 'Any' after using it for a few months now. I'll probably just stick to defaulting it to Open to match the other defaults.

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