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Updated SC Options - Default map marker icon url & Default featured map marker icon url: Asset Uploader


Staff member
As per title, I've updated the LD map options inputs for the Default map marker icon url and the Default featured map marker icon url, to use the Asset Uploader (XF 2.2 - Style archive import/export, Style asset locations and Asset uploads)


These are actually NEW inputs (I deleted the OLD inputs and added new ones that have default values preset to the data/assets/xa_sc_map_markers/ directory. If you are using custom default map markers icons, you will need to SET these again (since the old options have been removed).

NOTE: This does not mean you can add a complete URL to an external image, the input is designed for use with the ASSET UPLOADER, which stores images in data/assets/FOLDER (where FOLDER is determined by an asset key set by the addon).
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