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Implemented Responsive support for Showcase index/category pages


New Member
I found that index/category pages was not resized well in Responsive mode (with Responsive Addon). Item detail pages are fine.

So could you please make index/category pages look good on small screen (responsive)?
Thank you.
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The thumbnail image was not resized automatically.


  • Screen Shot 2013-02-25 at 6.19.49 AM.png
    Screen Shot 2013-02-25 at 6.19.49 AM.png
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ah, that is more of a container issue. Probably just needs min and max settings to make it work a bit better with responsive (since its responsive itself).

What about the Category pages tho.. that image is of the home page module. What isn't playing right on the category pages?
Getting closer to having a "decent" solution for this. Takes me longer than most because I suck with CSS lol
Responsive support is coming along fine (learning along the way).

Grid and Module views are pretty much already responsive ready for the next version. Working with the List View layouts next (input is welcome while I am tweaking over the next few days).
A couple screens of the prototype versions of the responsive "List View" layout (for pages set to use "List View"). Final look will most likely change as I am constantly making tweaks to it (and of course you will be able to tweak it fairly easy yourself).

This first shot is what it looks like after the sidebar drops to the bottom of the list


This next shot happens at the next responsive break point (medium max)


This last shot is of the smallest break point (max width narrow).

Showcase is 100% responsive now (that includes new pages like "Watched Items" as well). The layouts might change slightly based on testing and feedback however.