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Replacing the name with something else?


New Member
I want to replace "Showcase" with "Directory" everywhere a user can see it. An easy way to do that or I should manually eddit 10s of phrases?
Are all references in the phrases?
The easy way IS editing the Phrases (there are [i think] appx 180 phrases that contain the word showcase in them). There are 400+ phrases in showcase. If I didn't use phrases, you'd literally be editing 120+ templates and replacing raw text (1000's of places).

Core XF doesn't have a search and replace feature for phrases yet, but hopefully they will be looking at adding that feature as its much needed.
hm, so 120 of them by hand, damn!
does that get overwritten when I update?

ok then at least tell me how to change the one for the tab where the user actually selects the showcase section.
yes, it is a HUGE addon, there is no way to create an addon this large without A LOT of phrases.

ALL Showcase Phrases are prefixed: nflj_showcase_xxxxxx. You can set the filtering by doing this.

nflj_showcase_a and that will list all the phrases that start with a, then do nflj_showcase_b etc etc etc by using the filter system, you can knock them out rather fast.

You can also SEARCH phrases by title and by phrase content. This is by far the fastest way. You simply enter the phrase text you are looking for and it returns every phrase that has that term in it.

The MAIN Menu Tab is: nflj_showcase_menu_main_tab
does that get overwritten when I update?

Only the MASTER PHRASES (In the MASTER LANGUAGE) get over written on update. Those are only accessible when you have DEBUG enabled.

If you are editing the default language or a custom language, then no, they do NOT get over written. However, if I make a CHANGE to an existing phrase and you have edited that phrase, you will get a warning that there are outdated phrases (and will tell you which ones they are).