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Remove showcase-member


I really want to change it so the top contributors block on the "frontpage" links to the member profile, and not the "showcase" profile. I looked at the template and tried a few educated guesses, but no cigar as of yet.

Also, it seems to me the showcase-member page is only used in the top contributor block , wouldn't that make it kind of redundant?
nflj_showcase_index template.

scroll down to the sidebar area. the top contributors block is the last one in the side bar.

change {xen:link showcase-member, $tc}

to {xen:link members, $tc}

There are multiple places that user to a members Showcase Member page (which lists all their items). Top Contributors is just one of them. Its not something I will be changing as its a vital part of the addon.
Do you know where else it is used? I found two other instances, 1 was "your showcase items" and the other was "most active members", both of those make sense to have as is, it's just when the username links to a different "profile" I want to change it.
I'd have to stop and look... really really trying to get RC4 out the door and then I will have more time lol I just know that its more than in those blocks. I've tried to remove MOST of them, but some have simply got to stay in place.
No worries, I just went through and checked every where I saw usernames to see if they linked to the profile, so I am set (I think). At least I know how to change it if I spot it again.
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