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Redirect "Post New Thread" in a specific forum to Create Item forum for a specific Showcase


New Member
Question was mentioned on xenforo, just posting it here for additional support from Bob.
Best regards!
I'll look into it. I THINK (don't hold me to it) that you can do this via a template edit with conditionals.

Hey @Bob B
Optima made a got point to this question, see here.
Now I can link to "create a new item" and users can select the category from there.
But can you improve this in order to link to: "create an item in a specific categorie" So users do not have to choose a category by themselves?
Best regards!
The problem is permissions checking (checking to see if they have permission to create items in the specific category). The Category Chooser landing page does that and mutes out categories that the viewing user is not able to create items in. I understand that you want short cuts, but there is a reason why I did it the way it is. I also built in that the create form can't be directly accessed to stop people from attempting to override create permissions.