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Implemented Recent Winners


New Member
Hi Bob,

I think it might be good to have a Recent Winners widget on the (Sportbook's frontpage) sidebar. People love showing off their winnings! May be we could move some other stats from the Statistics page to the front page's side bar as well?

Edit: I forgot to a prefix for this one. It should be Sportbook.
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Good Idea...I like this one. feel free to submit any mock ups for this. I think some stats on the side on the home page would be perfect addition. Probably make it so that Admins can pick and chose which ones they want and how many of each "stat" display in the module.
Here is a quick mockup... don't mind the top title, just for instructional purposes.


This could be a great sidebar on forum homepage, or upon landing in the Sportbook page ....
  • Make the images all 32x32.
  • Allow for the selection of Top 3's or whatever amount I suppose, from all categories you have in the statistics page
  • Allow as many, or as few "blocks" within the blocks. Say I want Top Paying and Users with Most Cash, I can have those only... say I want all allowable, then that is an option...
  • Of course shorten the Title beside the [PGA] prefix to fit within the block, using "...." to make sure it fits.
  • Block of course, could be phrased, to allow for indiviual choice of what it should be called....
Either way, just a suggestion. Found this interesting, thought I would throw it out there.

Maybe have this as the footer of the block:
ha! I knew you'd jump on this one ;)

Also... you could have one showing the actual recent winners.... as suggested...

Can't create block, but here goes...

Recent Winners

Avatar of user - Amount won
------------------ Match wagered on

Like the above block. I think all winnings are stored in a certain way, seems like you could pull from those. Again, no coder, so not sure exactly what it would entail.
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Maybe a "winners news ticker" across the top of the site ;)

I have an add-on already created for me on that, so you may be able to simply add the feed into that and you're done :)
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This OK for the Recent Winners Sidebar Module on the Sportsbook Home page? Kinda needs both the Outcome Title and the Event Title (looks odd without out one or the other).

Update looks great, Bob - thanks!

Forgive my ignorance - is there an easy way to put this widget on my forum front page also, as well as my Sportsbook page?

(I actually have the Xenporta add-on which I guess would be a ton of work, unless you can tell me differently - but forum front page would be fine).

Not a necessity - just give more prominence to such a great bookie system!
It was specifically built for the Sportsbook Home page, so its not something that you can just pop on another area of the site as is. It would take a bit of coding to add it to the forum home page (similar to how I did the Recent Events for the Forum Home). As far as XenPorta, that would require something totally different as well and to be honest, I don't use xenporta, so I have no plans to build any modules for it. Figured at some point, someone in the community might....

I'll put this on the TODO list for the next version. Then all you will have to do is select it from the Admin CP and set how many you want to display.