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Recent Comments WF renderer customization?


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Hey Bob, I was wondering if it's possible to change the template to show the Item thumbnail instead of the commenter's avatar in the list of recent comments.

Here's the code in the nflj_showcase_wf_recent_comments template I was looking at:

<xen:avatar user="$comment" size="s" img="true" href="{xen:link showcase/comment, $comment}" class="NoOverlay" />

Can that be edited or are there code edits needed too?

Thanks in advance!
I don't think so. I'm pretty sure I am fetching only minimal Comment Data to keep the result size low (because of how the [bd] WF caches widgets). It would require programming to modify the Renderer to change the fetching methods to include joins to fetch the full item record with each comment (which is large) as well as preparing that content (which is needed for the preparing of the cover image so that it can be used by the helper).
Gotcha. I'd rather not slow the page load down to achieve this. Thanks for the quick reply...