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Implemented Recent Comments Changes, Additions etc...


Staff member
AMS Home and AMS Category pages now have some additional options to control the Recent Comments Sidebar Block. You can now Hide the Prefix and set the Snippet Length (used to be hard coded to 100 characters). The MIN is 25 (no max).


The [bd] Widget Framework Renderer 'AMS: Articles Comments' which is used to create Recent Comments widgets also has these same options now.


With that said, there are a lot of license holders that do not use the [bd] Widget Framework, so, along with these changes is the Addition of adding the Recent Comments options to the Forum Home Options and CTA FT Portal Options allowing you to add a Recent Comments block to Forum Home and or CTA Featured Threads & Portal without having to do so via the [bd] Widget Framework.

Selection_690 (1).png


But that is not ALL...

All the blocks now share common CSS, so things like the Article Title in a given block will be the same. The tabbed Articles block has always had FULL Titles where as the Comments and Reviews blocks have had ellipse titles (which are limited to one line as taht is how css ellipse works). Now all Titles are FULL with the option to hide the prefix.

I've also added the byline (username and comment date) below the snippet.

Here is a quick example.... as you can see, the Titles in both blocks are full titles (which also allows you to display prefixes without having the entire title cut off) and you can see that the comments now include the username and comment date under the snippet.

NOTE: For those of you that want to LIMIT the max characters of a title, you can easily use the core xenforo snippet template helper (so easy a caveman can use it).
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NOTE: Yes, the AMS Home Page options includes the Category Chooser (as does Forum Home, CTA and [bd] WF). Category Pages obviously only display comments within the Category Tree.

Screen Shot of the AMS Home Page options....