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Resolved Possible to move the image down


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My Showcase is being used as a review section, I have added in company details item fields that are displayed in section 1

Every entry has a single image (company logo) and I would like that to be to the right of the company details as shown in the image as it wastes a lot of screen space at the top and would look better integrated in there. Is there a way of doing this ?move.png
To display the cover image in that location would require quite a bit of customization (not something that I'd have time to explain how to do, but a professional like Russ or Steve from Pixel Exit would be able to do something like that for you as a customization (at least in theory). It could be a rather tricky customization as that is Core XF Custom Fields output where you are pointing to (its not some empty available space that you can just place something there).

With that said, you CAN do something on your own without any customization. You can simply disable the option to display the cover image above the item.

Admin CP >> Showcase >> Showcase options >> scroll down to the Iem page options section and uncheck the "Display cover image on overview" option.


Then you can simply embed the attachment (either as a thumbnail or full size) into the editor (for section 1) like you can do with any content type that has an editor and attachments (Posts, Conversations, Resources, Showcase Items etc).

Even tho it won't be exactly like your picture, it would be better than displaying the cover image above the overview text.
ah had missed that option totally Bob :)
much better, unchecked that and then selected the option to display image gallery location above item and it looks much better :)

thx for the prompt assist
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